List of those who served in HMS Cossack
D57 Ship's Company
Surnames beginning O to R in Alphabetical Order


HMS Cossack badge



O'CLEE, Richard COSSACK 1949 to 1950. Cook (S). Joined RN at ROYAL ARTHUR Sep 1946, followed by Part II training in PEMBROKE.
OLLIVER COSSACK 1954 to 1955. E.R.A.
OLLIVANT COSSACK 1951 to 1953. Lt.Cdr. Awarded MBE. Captained the RN Hockey Team in Hong Kong.
ORCHARD, C. COSSACK 1950 to 1951. Petty Officer
O'REILLY, David A.P. COSSACK 1955 to 1957. Awarded OBE. Made Captain RN.
O'REILLY, P. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Ocdinary Seaman.
OSBORNE, T. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. L.M(E).
OSMER, Stuart G.H. COSSACK 1954 to 1955. REA3/Acting Chief REA. Joined RN at MTE Rosyth 19/1/44 as an E.A. apprentice completing training in CALEDONIA and rated EA5 on 1/1/48. Transferred to COLLINGWOOD 2/1/48 to 2/9/49 and rated Acting REA4 on 20/11/48. Then served in GABBARD 3/9/49 to 2/5/50 and confirmed as REA4, SUPERB 3/5/50 to 23/7/52 and rated A/REA3 3/5/50, COLLINGWOOD 24/7/52 to 13/2/53 and confirmed as REA3 on 20/11/52. Next served in PEMBROKE 14/2/53 to 22/7/53, MOUNTS BAY 23/7/53 to 14/7/54, COSSACK 15/7/54 to 3/5/55 and rated A/CREA on 10/2/55. Next PEMBROKE 4/5/55 to 8/7/55, COLLINGWOOD 9/7/55 to 23/8/56 and being confirmed as CREA 10/2/56. Finally served in MULL OF GALLOWAY 24/8/56 to 17/1/57 before returning to COLLINGWOOD 18/1/57 to 22/4/58 and discharged to shore CS expired.
OVERTON, D. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman.
OXLEY COSSACK 1957 to 1958. P.O. Electrician.
PADGETT, Raymond ("Roy") COSSACK ? to ?. Joined RN in 1953 and left in 1963 as an LRO(G). Last known living in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
PADGETT, S. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman.
PARKER COSSACK 1954 to 1955. CPO Coxswain. Daughter was baptised with ship's bell as the font.
PARKER, Lawrence ("Lofty") COSSACK 1958 to 1959. P.O.(GI). Joined RN in 1945. Other ships served in included WRANGLER, TIGER, LOCH INSH, DRAKE, DEFIANCE, OCEAN, DUNKIRK, SLUYS, and CAMBRIDGE. Retired as CPO Gunnery Instructoir in 1969 and was lisving in Plymouth in 2012.
COSSACK ? to ?. Able Seaman. Joined RN in 1954 and left in 1961. Living in Australia in 2012.
PARKIN COSSACK 1953. P.O. Electrician.
PARKIN, M.R. ("Ray") COSSACK 1945 to 1947. Acting Able Seaman. Died 19/10/2002.
PARKINSON, Douglas G. P/MX857749 COSSACK 1957 to 1958. EA3. Joined COMUS Jan 1957 as an EA4. Transferred to COSSACK and took her out of Singapore Dockyard hands in Summer 1957. Returned UK June 1958.
PARRY, Arthur COSSACK 1947. C.P.O.
PARRY, Charles F. COSSACK 1950 to 1953. A/P.O.R.El. Died 28/12/2000.
PORTER COSSACK 1957 to 1958. POM(E)
POTTER COSSACK 1954 to 1955.
PRAGNELL, R. COSSACK 1945 to 1948. Leading Stoker. Left RN in 1963. Living in Australia in 2012.
PREECE, Eddie ("Brum") C/SS954746 COSSACK ? to ?. Able Seaman. Also served in URSA, DRYAD, SCORPION & BATTLEAXE. Joined RN in 1955 and left in 1963. Living in Tasmania, Australia in 2012.
PRESTON COSSACK 1950 to 1951. Leading Seaman (TD2).
PRICE COSSACK 1946 to 1947. Stoker
PRICE, Jack F. C/SSX819662 COSSACK 9/10/51 to 2/3/54. Able/Leading Seaman (RP2). Ship's Postie. Joined GANGES as a Boy 7/1/47, followed by ULSTER in the Training Flotilla 5/12/47 to 16/3/48. Then served in LOCH ARKAIG 17/3/48 to 1/11/48 before joining WILDFIRE on 2/11/48 for RP3 course, being rated Ordinary Seaman. On passing out 17/3/49 joined GABBARD (5th Destroyer Flotilla, Home Fleet) until 20/9/50 and was rated Able Seaman on 2/2/50. After serving from 21/9/50 to 25/1/51 in DUNCANSBY HEAD (Sheerness Reserve Fleet) took the RP2 course in DRYAD from 26/1/51 to 26/7/51. After 3 months in PEMBROKE from 27/7/51 to 8/10/51 (for leave and troopship travel to Far East) he joined COSSACK. Returning to UK in 1954 he joined PEMBROKE again and was discharged to RFR on completion of his 7 years service with the Fleet. Was rated Petty Officer in RFR.
REID, D.A. COSSACK 1948 to 1951. Stoker Mechanic.
REID, Jim ("Blood") P/J 959003 COSSACK 1958 to 1960. T.O. Joined RN at GANGES 1956 to 1957, then rated T.O. and drafted to ALBION. After COSSACK he served in COCHRANE, CINCEASTLANT, COMNAVNORTH and CINC Far East at Phoenix Park, Singapore. Then served in RECLAIM, DUCHESS and Admiralty Wireless Station, Kranji, Singapore until 1972. Was living in Wigan in 2012.
REYNOLDS COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Chief Electrician.
REYNOLDS, G. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. POM(E).
RICHARDS COSSACK 1950 to 1951. Ordinary Seaman. No. 2 Mess.
RICHARDS, G. COSSACK 1951 to 1954.
RICHARDSON, J. COSSACK 1951to 1953. Able Seaman.
RIDGEWAY, T.G. COSSACK 1949 to 1951.). Lieut. Commander. 1st Lieutenant.
RIDGEWELL, W.G. COSSACK 1945. Leading Seaman (LTO)
RIGGS, R. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Canteen Manager
RILEY, G.E. ("Tim") COSSACK 1950 to 1951. Leading Stoker Mechanic.
Died 31/3/2009, leaving a wife and two sons. Joined the London Fire Brigade on leaving the RN and went on to become a Senior Divisional Officer with the West Midlands Fire Service.
RIPP, Henry George ("Harry") COSSACK 24/3/45 to 5/12/45. OA3. Born 6/7/1920 and was an apprentice engineer fitter and turner until called up for National Servive, joining PEMBROKE as an OA5 15/4/41 until 16/10/41. He then joined HORNET 17/10/41 as an Acting OA4. He then joined MIDGE 11/11/41 (confimed OA4 wef 5/3/41) and then AGGRESSIVE 17/6/42 to 30/9/44 (and rated OA3 9/7/42). He was commended by CinC Nore. After a month in PEMBROKE from 23/2/45 to 23/3/45, he joined COSSACK Harry now lives in Australia.
ROTHWELL, Ivor COSSACK 9/4/57 to 18/9/57. P.O. Telegraphist (WI). Served in HMS COMUS from 4/1/57 until he transferred to COSSACK. After leaving COSSACK he joined HMS MERCURY for (SD)(C) Qualifying Courses. Promoted to A/Sub. Lieut. on 16th June 1958 he fulfilled a number of different appointments his last one being 1st Lieutenant of HMS LINCOLN and then as CO for transfer into Dockyard hands for major refit. Retiring from the RN in April 1967, he joined the Royal Australian Air Force! A series of many different jobs ranging from OIC RAAF Radion Station Werribee, Victoria to staff appointments in Canberra saw him promoted to Squadron Leader in January 1971 and then to Wing Commander in June 1976. In March 1978, unhappy with a proposed RAAF appointment which would have involved relocation to Melbourne he negotiated a transfer to the Royal Australian Navy as a Commander with no loss of seniority. Placed on the Retired List in December 1984 he took a job on the staff of the Serjeant-at-Arms in Parliament House before becoming Security Controller of the National Library of Australia. The RAN invited him back for a specific job in the Computing Services Division of the Department of Defence and, when that was absorbed into a new Information Systems Policy Division, he took a Public Service (like UK Civil Service) position as Deputy Director Information Systems Security. Now retired for a few years, he lives in Canberra, Australia.

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