List of those who served in HMS Cossack
D57 Ship's Company
Surnames beginning S to U in Alphabetical Order


HMS Cossack badge



SACRE, C.M.M. COSSACK 1951 to 1954. P.O.M(E).
SAETTA, Alf COSSACK 1955 to 1956. REM1
SALMON COSSACK 1949. Leading Seaman. Gunner's Yeoman.
SALT, D. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman.
SANDERSON (Pancho) COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Stores Assistant.
SANDISON COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Lieutenant. Married Mrs. J. McC from Victoria, Australia, Met in England, married in Singapore.
SATTERTHWAITE, Ken. COSSACK, 1957 to 1958. Able Seaman, Seaman Gunner. Forward P.O.s messman & A mounting. Retired from RN as a Chief G.I.
SAUNDERS, James Alfred. COSSACK 11/6/58 to 24/2/60. Ordinary Seaman/Able Seaman (Seaman Gunner*). P/J 944326. Joined ST. VINCENT as Boy 2nd Class 12/7/55. Boy 1st Class 20/1/56. Jnr. Seaman 1st Class 1/4/56. EXCELLENT 10/8/56 to 10/10/56 passing out as Seaman Gunner (C). ADAMANT 11/10/56 to 25/2/58 and rated Ordinary Seaman 16/5/57, Seaman Gunner* 24/6/57. BELLEROPHON 26/2/58 to 10/2/58. COSSACK 11/6/58 and rated Able Seaman 16/7/58. EXCELLENT 25/2/60 to 9/1/61, qualified QA2. MULL OF KINTYRE 10/1/61. EXCELLENT 16/5/61. ARK ROYAL 16/8/61 to 8/10/61. VICTORY (RNDQ's) 9/10/61 to 18/1/62. ARK ROYAL 19/1/62 to 7/2/64. DOLPHIN 8/2/64. VICTORY 28/2/64. BARROSA 24/2/66 to 29/6/66. VICTORY 30/6/66. Discharged time expired 15/11/66.
SAUNDERS (Sandy)(Gropo) COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Able Seaman (Regulating Branch)
SAVAGE, W. (Bill) COSSACK 1958 to 1959. PO Cook(S)
SAVILLE, Peter Gordon COSSACK 1948 to 1950. Able Seaman (TAS). C/SSX 818646. Joined RN at RALEIGH in 1946 followed by NELSON, VERNON, ABERCROMBIE, OSPREY, AISNE & BELFAST before joining COSSACK. After COSSACK he joined MULL OF KINTYRE then BRAMBLE before leaving the RN in 1954.
SAWYER, E. COSSACK 1950 to 1951. Telegraphist.
SAYER, Sir Guy B. COSSACK 1946 to 1947. Captain, RN. Commanding Officer. Attained the rank of Vice Admiral before retiring.
SCARLETT, Geoffrey. COSSACK 1954 to 1955. P.O. Writer C/MX 848799. Joined RN at ROYAL ARTHUR in Jan 1948 as a Probationary Writer and in April 1948 joined PEMBROKE on completion of training. Naval Air Fighting Development Unit from Nov 1948 until Nov 1950 on being drafted to NEPTUNE (Reserve Fleet, Chatham). Then BEN LOMOND until drafted to COSSACK. Returning to UK, joined FULMAR (RNAS Lossiemouth) in June 1955 and then VERNON in June 1958. Promoted December 1961 and appointed to MAIDSTONE (Faslane) Feb 1962. CENTURION (Naval Computer Study Team. Haslemere) Feb 1964. NEPTUNE (Faslane) Jan 1967, CENTURION (Gosport) Jan 1970, PEMBROKE (Writers' Training Officer March 1973) COMNAVSOUTH (Naples) March 1976, CENTURION June 1978. Retired as Lt. Cdr. July 1980. Passed over the bar on 7th April 2013.
SCARR COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Chief ERA.
SCHOLEFIELD, Keith COSSACK 21/7/55 to 25/8/56. A/LREM C/SMX 915746. Joined RN as an REM2 at COLLINGWOOD 7/10/52. PEMBROKE 9/10/53, SWIFTSURE 8/10/53, PEMBROKE 9/10/53, COSSACK 21/7/55 and rated A/LREM. Transferred to CHEVIOT 26/8/56. PEMBROKE (FSL) 30/11/56, COLLINGWOOD 24/1/57, LLANDAFF 26/2/58, ROEBUCK 14/10/58 & rated A/PORE. PEMBROKE 2/9/59 until completion of RN service 6/10/59. Transferred to RFR.
SCOTT, Walter COSSACK 1945 to 1946. Telegraphist C/JX 580234. Spent 12 months in Iceland eavesdropping on U-boat communications. Was due to join ASHANTI but got a pierhead jump to join COSSACK on commissioning, remaining with her until being returned to UK for demob in 1946.
SCUDDER COSSACK 1954. CREA or P.O. Tel (?)
SEELY. The Hon. D.P. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Commander - Commanding Officer. David Patrick Seely was born on 16/12/1920, the 4th son of the 1st Lord Mottistone. His godparents were Winston Churchill and the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII). He entered Dartmouth as a 13-year old cadet. He was to become a successful naval officer, business man and supporter of the charity SANE. As Lieut. David Seely he joined the destroyer HESPERUS in early 1941 (commanded by Donald Macintyre). Seely's first 3 months in HESPERUS were spent on Atlantic convoy duty. In May 1941 the ship was part of a relief convoy to Malta delivering aircraft to the island. She was also part of the destroyer eascort of the battleship RENOWN and the carrier ARK ROYAL in the hunt for the German battleship BISMARCK. On 7 /12/41 Seely witnessed Macintyre sink his first U-boat, U-208, by depth charge; then, on 15/1/42, Macintyre sank a second, U-93. After repairs HESPERUS returned to the Atlantic and escorted a dozen convoys, several without loss. On Boxing Day she sank U-357. In March 1043 Seely was appointed first lieutenant of the lease-lend destroyer BAZELY and in October he helped successfully defend convoy ONS206 when wolf-pack Schliffen was driven off with the loss of one merchant ship for the loss of six U-boats; it was one of the most disastrous nights of the was for the U-boats. Then, in November, BAZELY was part of an escort of Convoy SL140 when 65 merchant ships were attacked off Cape St. Vincent by 13 U-boats of wolf-pack Weddigen. BAZELY helped to sink U-648 on November 23rd; two days later she sank U-600. During Operation Neptune in June 1944, BAZELY's escort group was deployed in the Western Approaches to keep U-boats from interfering with th landings in Normandy. In September 1944 Seely decided to specialise as a signals officer. On completing his course he sailed in the Australia in the Australian destroyer QUICKMATCH to Sydney, where he joind the destroyer flotilla leader KEMPENFELT in the British Pacific Fleet for the closing months of the war and the liberation of Hong Kong. He returned to Britain in December 1945, saying that he had had "rather a dull war - I never got sunk". Shortly after the war he was court-martialled for losing the safe key giving access to a ship's cryptographic material. He was deprived two year's seniority as a Lieutenant: he thought this was "very fair", but the Admiralty reduced the punishment on review. Seely commanded the destroyer COSSACK in 1958-59 and the new frigate AJAX from 1963 to 1965. He was mentioned in despatches for his part in foiling a landing by enemy soldiers north of Kuala Lumpur during the Malayan Emergency. He was Naval Adviser in Ottawa in 1965-66. On succeeding his half-brother as the 4th Lord Mottistone in 1966, he retired from the Navy in the rank of Captain. In retirement he was a director of Radio Rentals Group, the Distributive Industry Training Board and the Cake and Biscuit Alliance. He was appointed CBE in 1984. Mottistone was Lord Lieutenant for the Isle of Wight from 1986 to 1995, and in 1992 was appointed its Governor on revival of the post (it had not been filled after Lord Mountbatten's assassination in 1979). He was the first Patron of the RN Amateur Radio Society (1985). He was a member of the Royal Yacht Squadron, the longest-serving member of the Royal Cruising Club and Commodore of the House of Lords Yacht Club. As first Chairman of the mental health charity SANE, he presided over its fortunes from 1986 to 2009, seeing the charity through many difficult challenges. Lord Mottistone died on 24th November 2011, aged 90. He married in 1944 Anthea McMullen who died in 2010, and is survived by their two sons and two daughters, another daughter having predeceased him.
SEXTON (Sexy). COSSACK 1957 to 1958. P.O. Electrician
SEYMOUR, Robert. (Bob) COSSACK 1951 to 1954. CPO Coxswain. Served 1936 to 1960. Awarded BEM. Other ships included WARSPITE, JAY, VERDUN, HOLDERNESS, & SALISBURY Was a member of Redcar & District RNA. Died 20/11/09, aged 88.
SHAD, T. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Petty Officer.
SHAND, Neil. Dr. COSSACK 1945 to 1947. Surgeon Lieutenant. Member of ship's Whaler passage 29/30 May 1947 from Mersing (Johore) to Kuaqntan (Pahang) with Commander (E) Aylen, PO Pearce & 4 ratings. After leaving RN emigrated to Australia and lived in Sydney, NSW where he died in 2010.
SHARKEY, J. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman.
SHARP, E. COSSACK 1950 to 1951. Sick Berth Attendant.
SHAW ("Hey Ho") COSSACK (?) No. 6 Mess.
SHEARER COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Signalman.
SHEENA COSSACK 1952/53. Ship's Dog, Acquired in Hong Kong during refit.
SHELDRAKE, William Henry COSSACK 21/6/65 to 24/8/56 and transferred to CHEVIOT. Able Seaman C/J 937398. Joined RN at COLLINGWOOD 18/5/54 as REM2 but transferred to Seaman branch as an Ordinary Seaman 21/10/54. PEMBROKE 21/10/54 to 20/6/55. COSSACK/CHEVIOT until 14/12/56. PEMBROKE 15/12/56. VERNON 5/2/57, OSPREY 14/3/57, BOLD PIONEER (HORNET) 16/6/57, DOLPHIN 21/9/57, Coastal Forces Base, DOLPHIN 14/12/57 DILIGENCE 3/1/58, CROSSBOW 27/2/59, OSPREY 17/1/61, VICTORY 16/10/61, ADAMANT 20/3/63, VICTORY 3/4/64 until medically discharged (PUNS) 29/6/66. Granted 65% war pension 1967 and then 85% in 1985. Born 31/12/36. Died 25/2/2011.
SHORTLAND, W. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Leding Seaman.
SHOWER COSSACK 1953 to 1954. Leading Seaman.
SHUTTLEWORTH, K. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. P.O. Electrician.
SIMPSON COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Leading Telegraphist.
SIMPSON, N. COSSACK 1957 to 1959. L.E.M.
SIMS, Edwin. COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Petty Officer.
SIMS, G. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Radio Operator.
SISLEY, John COSSACK 1950 to 1951. Able Seaman. Served in RN 1949 to 1959. Was Chairman of Lydd & Dungeness RNA. Died 4/3/2006 aged 73.
SIU KIT WAH COSSACK 1957 to 1959. Leading Cook (O) Chinese L.E.P.
SLADE, N. COSSACK 1958 to 1959, Chief ERA.
SLADE, P. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. M(E).
SLATER, C. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. T.O.
SMEETH COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Ordinary Seaman.
SMITH, C.C. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman.
SMITH, D. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman.
SMITH, D.P.S. COSSACK 1955 to 1956. Died October 1995.
SMITH, H. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Leading Seaman.
SMITH, J. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. L.M.(E)
SMITH R.W. Herbert- COSSACK from 6/6/45. Sub-Lieut. Promoted to Lieutenant January 1946. Also served in BELFAST and later became ADC to Lord Louis Mountbatten in Malta. After leaving RN worked for Lloyds and then as manager/proprietor of the restaurant 'Wild Thyme' in Putney. Died 20/12/2005.
SMITH, L.G. COSSACK 1950 to 1951. Able Seaman.
SMITH, M. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman.
SMITH, W. "Horse". COSSACK 1945 to 1947. Leading Stoker.
SMOLLETT, S. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Ordinary Seaman.
SNELLING COSSACK (?). Ordinary Seaman.
SNOWDEN COSSACK 1953 to 1954. Able Seaman.
SNOWDEN, Charles Taylor COSSACK 1953 to 1956. EM1. Discharged early.
SPEACHLY COSSACK 1953 to 1955. OA. Represented the ship at water polo and went on to become part of the RN Water Polo Team and selection committee.
SPENDELOW, Frank H. COSSACK 10/2/46 to 9/9/46. Yeoman of Signals. Joined RN as Boy 2nd Class at GANGES 12/9/1933. Rated Boy 1st Class 4/2/34 and passed out as a Signal Boy 25/11/34. NELSON 30/11/34, specially rated Ordinary Signalman 20/10/35 (backdated to 22/10/34). Rated Signalman 21/10/35. SKATE 4/1/36, VICTORY 4/4/36, GRIFFEN 18/4/36, DOUGLAS 20/5/36, GRENVILLE 1/8/36, VICTORY 21/7/38, DURBAN 10/9/38, ARK ROYAL 11/1/39. Rated A/Leading Signalman 1/2/39 but reverted to Signalman 21/5/39. SOMALI 26/5/39 and rated A/Ldg Sig 1/2/40 and confirmed 2/2/41. Oboard SOMALI during the hunt for the BISMARCK. ORIBI 12/2/42, MERCURY 21/7/42 and rated Acting Yeoman of Signals (Temporary) 1/9/42. EVOLUTION 7/10/42, HANNIBAL 1/1/43 and rated Yeoman of Signals (Temp) 1/9/43. DERBY 10/1/44, RHYLL 12/8/44, MERCURY 27/1/45, GOLDEN HIND 23/8/45, MANXMAN 17/12/45 and rated Yeoman of Signals (Permanent). COSSACK 10/2/46, MERCURY 10/9/46, VICTORY 23/3/47. Released Class A 22/3/47.
SPINDLER, P. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman.
SPINDLER, S. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman.
SPINKS, Harry J. COSSACK 1951 to 1954. P.O. Telegraphist. Joined RN 1942 at 16 years of age. Whitehall W/T as Boy Telegraphist. Other ships, etc: RAMEHEAD, Hong Kong W/T, FULMAR, SUPERB, LOCH KILLISPORT. Left RN 1956. Married to Irene for 56 years and worked for Cundys as surveyor/estimator/rep. Died 7/9/2005 aged 79.
STANLEY, G. COSSACK 1956 to 1957. Leading Seaman.
STANNARD. J. COSSACK 1955 to 1956. Boy.
STATHAM, W.G. (Bill) COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Leading Seaman. Died 31/10/2002.
STEAD, G. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman.
STEEDON, J. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman.
STEEL, C. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. M(E)
STEPHENS, T.L. COSSACK 1955 to 1956. Leding Cook (S), passed for Petty Officer.
STERNS COSSACK 1952 to 1953. Lieut.
STEVENS, D. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman/Leading Seaman.
STEWART, A. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Petty Officer.
STOBBS, K.R. COSSACK 1955 to 1956. Lieut. Commander.
STROUD COSSACK 1957 to 1958. L.M.(E).
STUMPER, Buster COSSACK 1947 to 1949. Ship's Cat.
SUNDIN, A. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. M(E).
SUTTON, K. COSSACK 1958 to 1960. POM(E).
SWAIN< J. COSSACK 1948 to 1951. Ordinary Seaman. Joined RN as a Boy Seaman at GANGES.
SWAN, V. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. ERA5.
SWATMAN, K. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. SA(S).
SYRETT, P. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Lt. Cdr..
SYSON, R. COSSACK 1950 to 1952. Able Seaman.
TARBARD, Austin "Putty" COSSACK 1951 to 1954. Able Seaman (RC2). Ship's Putty working in the forepeak. Guarded two N. Korean prisoners locked in the Chippy's Shop. Ran a hotel in South Africa for a while before returning to Norfolk to run an off-licence. Died 24/10/2008.
TARRANT, P. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. R.O.
TATE COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Able Seaman
TAYLOR COSSACK 1957 to 1958. M(E)
TAYLOR, G. COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Able Seaman.
TAYLOR, J. COSSACK 1949 to 1951. Able Seaman
TAYLOR, Leslie. COSSACK 1956 to 1957.
TAYLOR, Leslie Henry. COSSACK 1949 to 1951. Able Seaman C/SSX 839155. B Gun loader. Died 21/12/2011.
TAYLOR, Peter Edward COSSACK 7/6/58 to 27/1/60. Leading Cook (S) D/MX 932432. Joined RN as Junior Assistant Cook 2 for Part 1 training at VICTORY 13/10/53. CERES for Part 2 training 27/10/53, rated Junior Assistant Cook 1 10/3/54. DRAKE 25/3/54, rated Assistant Cook (S) 13/5/54. VANGUARD 8/9/54, VICTORY 1/1/55, BOXU 5/3/55, rated Cook (S) 13/3/55. VICTORY 9/12/55, ARMADA 2/3/56, VICTORY 1/5/56, TYNE 18/8/56, rated Leading Cook (S) 31/1/57. VICTORY 10/4/57, LOCH FYNE 3/6/57, DRAKE 19/7/57, COSSACK 7/6/58, CAMBRIDGE 28/1/60, ROYAL ARTHUR 27/4/61, CAMBRIDGE 9/6/61, CASSANDRA 27/3/62, RALEIGH 16/10/63, rated A/O.O. Cook (S) 25/8/64. EASTBOURNE 23/4/45, confirmed as P.O. Cook (S) 25/8/65. RALEIGH 25/4/57, ZULU 27/7/67, DRAKE 9/2/68. Discharged to RFR 17/2/68 until 16/2/73.
TAYLOR, R. COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Able Seaman.
TAYLOR, R.G. COSSACK 1946 to 1948. Telegraphist.
TAYLOR, T. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. R.O.
THICKETT (aka Lester Piggott). COSSACK 1957 to 1958. POM(E).
THOMAS COSSACK 1953. Able Seaman. Received £5 for gun efficiency.
THOMAS, F.M. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. A/L.E.M.
THOMAS, F.V. COSSACK 3/9/46 to 25/10/47. Able Seaman (RP3). C/JX 656042. Joined RN as an Ordinary Seaman at GANGES 3/11/43. ROYAL ARTHUR 1/7/44, GANGES 21/8/44, VALKYRIE 3/3/45, COLLINGWOOD 31/3/45 and rated Ordinary Seaman Acting RP3 21/4/45. PEMBROKE 7/5/45, GANGES 3/7/45, GOLDEN HIND 23/8/45 and rated A/Able Seaman (RP3) 23/8/45. GOULD 9/4/46 and confirmed A.B. 21/8/46. COSSACK 3/9/46, PEMBROKE 26/10/47. Released Class A 3/3/48.
THOMPSON COSSACK 1951 to 1954. P.O. Telegraphist.
THOMPSON (Tommo) COSSACK 1957 to 1958. P.O.G.I.
THOMPSON, V. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. ERA3
THORNSLY, A.R. COSSACK (?). Chaplain
THORPE (Buster). COSSACK 1954 to 1955. Skate, with McLean & MacQuillin. Missed HVK Exercise because he fell asleep in Yokosuka.
THORPE, Mick COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Able Seaman. TAS party.
TILLEY, K. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. REM
TILT, Paul Trevor COSSACK 9/4/57 to 15/6/58. REM1 P/M 946956. Joined RN as a Junior REM2 at COLLINGWOOD 15/2/55 and rated JREM1 17/12/55. DUNDAS 6/3/56 and rated REM2 28/3/56. COLLINGWOOD 2/11/56, COMUS 4/1/57 and rated REM1 28/3/57. Transferrd to COSSACK 9/4/57. COLLINGWOOD 16/6/58, SHACKLETON 19/8/59 and rated A/LREM 28/3/59, cpnfirmed 28/3/60. COLLINGWOOD 23/10/60, TERROR 22/12/61. Rated A/POREl 22/11/62. VICTORY 22/3/63, COLLINGWOOD 17/5/63, confirmed POREL 13/10/63. LION 31/3/64, VERNON 14/6/65 VICTORY 2/2/66 and discharged by purchase (£100) and enrolled in RFR 5/2/66 to 28/9/68.
TINDALE COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Sub Lieut. (SD)
TINDLEY COSSACK 1954 to 1955. P.O. (Radar)
TIN FAK FAI COSSACK 1957 to 1959. Leading Steward - Chinese L.E.P.
TOBIN, J. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman
TODD, A. COSSACK 1950 to 1951. Ordinary Seaman
TOMLIN, A. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Chief Mechanician. Awarded the BEM.
TOMS, R. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman
TOOMEY, George COSSACK 1977 to 1949. Sick Berth Attendant. Founder and past Chairman & President of the HMS Cossack Association. Also founded the 8th Destroyer Association. Died 3rd May 2014.
TOWNSEND (Townie) COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Able Seaman.
TRIGG, Colin COSSACK 1954 to 1955. Leading Stoker Mechanic.
TRAVELL COSSACK 1955 to 1956. Able Seaman.
TROWBRIDGE, R. COSSACK (?). Born 22/1/20, died 4/5/2001 aged 83. Made Rear Admiral KCVO. Was Governor of Western Australia 1980-83. Ships included: DANAE, BARHAM, BOREAS, WAGER, COSSACK, CARYSFORT, BERMUDA, EXCELLENT, DUNCAN, HAMPSHIREand BRITANNIA.
TSANG CHUNG COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Steward
TUCKER, Tommy COSSACK 1954 to 1955. TAS
TUNKS, Mike COSSACK 1949 to 1951. Steward
TURLAND, A. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Petty Officer.
TURNER, A. COSSACK 1958 to 1959. Able Seaman.
TWIGG COSSACK 1957 to 1958. Able Seaman.
TYLER, L.W. COSSACK 1950 to 1951. P.O. Telegraphist. Died 3/11/96.
TYRELL, B. COSSACK 1948 to 1950. Able Seaman.

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