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The Association for those who served onboard either of the Royal Navy Destroyers:
HMS Cossack (L03 (also known as G03 & F03) or D57) - 'Pipe the Side!'

Six vessels of the Royal Navy have borne the proud name 'Cossack'. This association is dedicated to those who served in the last two, both Destroyers, and both built by Vickers, which saw service between 1937 and 1941, and 1945 and 1959 respectively.

HMS Cossack (L03) - 14th June 1937 to 27th October 1941

HMS Cossack L03

HMS Cossack (D57) - 22nd August 1945 to 9th December 1959

HMS Cossack D57

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The HMS Cossack Association  is a non-profit making organisation.


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