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This is the website of the Association for those who served onboard either of the Royal Navy Destroyers: HMS Cossack (L03 or D57).

Her name was made famous by the Altmark Incident in which a boarding party from L03 (The fifth Cossack) took the German ship Altmark and rescued 299 British merchant seaman held captive. She also took part in Russian and Malta convoys, the 2nd Battle of Narvik and played an important part in the sinking of the BISMARCK.

The sixth HMS Cossack, commissioned in 1945 and went to the Far East, where she remained until 1959, taking part in the Korean War where she served with distinction. She also took part in the Malayan campaign assisting the Army by bombarding targets on shore.

At the last count there were 190 full members, 62 associate members and 4 honorary members. Not bad for two small ships! Our objective is to revive the comradeship we had during our service in the Royal Navy and to maintain the growth of this happy and respected organisation. Small ship sailors are always close (there is not much room on a Destroyer), and we maintain that closeness, remembering the good times (and the bad), and the men who were our shipmates. For all of us, there were times when we did not see eye to eye with each other, but that is history. We survived it all and happily relive old times at every opportunity.

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The HMS Cossack Association is a non-profit making organisation.

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