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This page contains photos from Newsletters and those taken at the Annual Reunions.

The write ups on these reunions are in the Newsletters, which can be downloaded. However, only the last two are available, and each one is replaced when the following one is published. From 2007, with more space available, more photographs taken at the reunions will be published in this section and not necessarily included in the Newsletter's downloads.

REUNION 2009 at the Chatsworth Hotel, Worthing

Geirr Haar gave a talk and presentation about the sea war in Norway
Presentation 1
Geirr talking with Adm. Eberle
Presentation 2
The presentation begins
Presentation 3
Pictures of WW2 action
Presentation 4
Altmark spotted from the air.
Presentation 5
Geirr in full flow
Presentation 6
Cossack heading for Altmark.

Guests 1
The Rum Bosun, S/M Pat Gaffney, does the honours for S/M George Bye.


Guests 09 1
Top Table - On the left Peter Harrison. On the right, from the front, Keith Batcheler, Pam Satterthwaite, Chairman Ken and President Jim.
Guests 09 2
S/M Alec Childs talking with Mrs. S.M. Smith.
Guests 09 3
Facing the camera - Shipmates King Hannafor, Bye and Mrs. Beryl Bye.
Guests 09 4
S/M Mick Thorpe, Mrs. Joyce Harris, S/M & Mrs. Peter Taylor.
Guests 09 5
S/M Doug & Mrs. Irene Parkinson.
Guests 09 6
S/M Jack Price (bottom left corner)with Mrs. Carole Batchelor talking with Graham Berthon on the risht.
Guests 09 7
S/M Clive Hopkins on the right, with S/M Les Taylor on the left.
Guests 09 8
Geirr Haarr thanks the Association
Guests 09 9
The President making his after dinner speech
Guests 09 10
Geirr is presented with a Cossack Ship's Badge wall plaque
Guests 09 11
Keith Batchelor presents Admiral Eberle with a framed cartoon drawn by the late S/M Larry Hazell
Guests 09 12
Mrs. Merry Swan & Geirr Haarr applaud the presentation

Guests 09 13
Guests 09 14
Time to find the bar - S/M Jack Race leads the way
Guests 09 15

REUNION 2008 at the Chatsworth Hotel, Worthing

Meeting our Norwegian friends before dinner
Guests 1
The Standard Bearer awaits.
Guests 2
S/M Ken Robinson with Cecilie Nesvold and her daughters, Anette and Elisabeth
Guests 3
S/M Pat Gaffney and wife Val join the throng, met by S/M Ken Satterthwaite
Members and guests at dinner
Guests 4
S/M Peter Taylor (left) and son Paul (right)
Guests 5
Val Gaffney tucks in, with husband Pat hidden between her and Irene Parkinson at the top table
Guests 6
S/M Tony Lunn (left) talks with S/M Alec Childs
Guests 7
Shipmates Alan Quartermaine and George Woodford
Guests 8
S/M Jack Race, Mrs. Carol Melia, S/M Ken Sutton Mrs. & S/M Peter Lee
Guests 9
Elisabeth Nesvold talking with S/M Ken Robinson, with S/M Peter Hampstead on the right
Guests 10
S/M Peter Hamstead, Jean Hampstead, S/M Ron and Doreen Handford with Ernie & Angie Watts in the distance on left with S/M Frank Thomas on right
Guests 11
S/M Peter Harrison & Margaret Harrison (right) opposite Sheila & S/M Peter Marchant next to June & Ron Slade
Guests 12
Martin & Iris Loughlin and S/M Tom & Norma Kay(left) with S/M Jack Price on right
Guests 13
S/M Jack & Pam Price, Mr. Blackband with Alma Eaton
Guests 14
More of the Taylor family
Guests 15
S/M John Knight and the Cook family (far side of table) with Mrs. Boyd and S/M's Ron Dearing, John Jenkins and Dave Fenton (near side)
Guests 16
Jean & Pat Riall with Jean & Alan Edinborough
Guests 17
Alan Edinborough, Margaret & Peter Harrison
Guests 18
The Dining Room and Kitchen staff line up, with John Knight and partner in the foreground
Guests 19
Finn Nesvold makes his after dinner speech
Guests 20
Finn with Cecilie Nesvold, Ken Satterthwaite (Chairman)and Sheila
Guests 21
Finn hands over the Sokndal table banner
Some members and guests relaxing after dinner
Guests 22
Ken and Sheila Satterthwaite with Irene and Doug Parkinson
Guests 23
Larry Hazell with Finn Nesvold
Guests 24
Mrs Kit Pugh and her niece
Guests 25
Jo Bishop with Stan Hannaford
Guests 26
Cecilie and Anette Nesvold check their raffle tickets
Guests 27
Well, who's a lucky girl then. Elisabeth finds she has won four prizes!

Some of the displays and memorabilia in the Archive Room
Archive Display 1 Archive Display 2 Archive Display 3
Archive Display 4 Archive Display 5 The Association Lifebelt

Members and guests relaxing on the Friday evening
Friday 1 Friday 2 Friday 3
Friday 4 Friday 5 Friday 6
Friday 7 Friday 8 Friday 9
Friday 10 Friday 11 Friday 12
Members attending the AGM followed by a Board & Search School presentation by Lieutenant Pete Briggs of HMS RALEIGH  
AGM 4 AGM 5 Board & Search
Retiring as Rum Bosun after 14 years, Peter Marchant receives a just reward
AGM 6 AGM 7 A galvanised planter complete with plastic plant hides a better reward!

Noel Bevan Our special guest, Noel Bevan, who was one of the merchant seaman prisoners who were released from the German prison ship Altmark when she was boarded by HMS Cossack in Jossingfjord in February 1940. Here Noel Bevan (left) discusses it with the Chairman, Ken Satterthwaite, and the President, Admiral Sir James Eberle, before the banquet dinner. Below some of the members and guests at the dinner.

The Reunion Dinner
NL 2A/2005

The late Shipmate F.J.Bradburn, DSM

Bill Stone (104 yrs old) chats with Admiral James Eberle ( a bit younger!)

Peter Harrison, Cllr Colin Belsey, Admiral Eberle and Bill Stone awaiting the March Past

Admiral Eberle talks to Dominic Earnshaw, from New Zealand, wearing his grandfather's medals

Olav Rothli, his daughter and his great grandchildren

NL 2/2005  
Roger Card Cutting

Pat Gaffney and Roger Card


Medusa in foreground

HM SDML 3516 at sea


NL 2/2004 & REUNION


Mr Ronald Pryor (Journalist),who campaigned for the plaque. Mrs Fiona Hartley (Cdr Turner's daughter). Keith Batchelor(Cossack's Archivist).

Blue Plaque

The Blue Plaque in place.


Inspection of Barry Sea Cadets.


Barry SCC Guard at ease.


The Narvik Memorial to the Battles of Narvik.


George Toomey shows the flag.


1955/56 Commission.


The guest of honour, Henry Allingham greeted by Chairman George Toomey and the Piping Party, Jack Price and Geoff Lane. Christopher Dean, General Manager of the Burlington Hotel in attendance.

Group 1

George Toomey, Peter Harrison (Secretary) Admiral Sir James Eberle(President) and Miss Olive Woodall (Mayor of Eastbourne).

Eastbourne Residents

Mrs Janet Grist (Eastbourne Co-ordinator), Miss Olive Woodall(Mayor of Eastbourne), and Mr. Henry Allingham, (Ex-RN), Eastbourne's oldest resident (107).

Chat group

Peter Hampstead chats with Henry Allingham. Brian Hibbert displays the standard.

PH GT plus

Peter & Margaret Harrison, Patricia and George Toomey with Henry Allingham.


Happy Diners, workers and wives.

Crest Presento

Peter Harrison presenting a Cossack crest to Janet Grist for her work as Co-ordinator.

HA Tankard

Admiral Sir James Eberle presents an engraved tankard to Henry Allingham.


Led by Lt-Cdr Peter the Cossack veterans march along the Eastbourne promenade.


The Cossack platoon, marshalled by Alan Quartermaine.

NL 1/2004
Gp Photo N Buck

D57 Ships Company in Kure Canteen 1948/49.

Petty Officer Norman Buck is 3rd from left, Petty Officer of the forecastle is 5th from left. Can anyone name him or any of the others.

Record Label

Wartime account of the rescue of the 299 British Merchant Seamen from the German Supply ship Altmark.

NL 5/2003  

AB Victor John Bunyan Durey


Lt James Eberle,Unknown Officer, and Capt R.White DSC**

NL 4/2003  

Coder Arthur Leslie Proctor and his fiancee Sybil.


ERA Edward Albert Head and other servicemen at Ardgowan Hospital 1940.


HMS Stalker restoration appeal.


Christening from the 1954-55 commission book.




Narvik Museum


Nutty Hazell's cartoon of his Namsos expedition.

   NL 3/2003

Survivors of HMS Hardy after the 2nd Battle of Narvik, plus British Merchant Seamen, rescued by HMS Ivanhoe

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, Fort Lauderdale, USA. Bob McLean bearing the Standard of the Royal British Legion

The old Lady

RAF High Speed Launch 2548 high and dry in a scrap yard by the L'Escala to Figuares road, Spain

NL 2/2003 - 12th ANNUAL REUNION

Pre-Dinner Group.

L to R - Admiral Sir James Eberle; The Mayor of Eastbourne, Councillor Miss Olive Woodall; Peter Harrison; Standard Bearer, Brian Hibbert; Councillor Mrs Beryl Healy; Mrs Pat Toomey; Mrs Janet Grist; Mr Ron Cussons; George Toomey.

Admiral Sir James Eberle, GCB, takes the salute as the massed Standards pass.

The Admiral chats to Standard bearer Cyril Allwood.

The invitation by Parade marshal Alan Quartermaine to inspect HMS Cossack's contingent is accepted by Admiral Eberle.

HMS Cossack Association members are inspected by the Admiral.

Some well known faces to the fore as the inspection continues.

LO3 model built by Bill Usherwood, RCAF

NL 4/2002 Photographs

Captain P.L. Vian on LO3's Bridge

The ALTMARK Incident

Lt-Cdr. Bradwell Turner, LO3's 1st Lieutenant. In charge of the Boarding Party

The ALTMARK Incident


Cdr. R. St V. Sherbrooke, LO3's Captain. Later awarded Victoria Cross - HMS ONSLOW, Russian Convoy JW51B

The Second Battle of Narvik

Lt-Cdr P. W. Gretton, LO3's 1st Lieutenant

The Second Battle of Narvik

Ken Satterthwaite and John Russell

The Jubilee Parade 4 June 2002

The Royal Naval Association Standards

The Jubilee Parade 4 June 2002

NL3/2002 Photographs
{short description of image}

HMS HOOD in Grand Harbour, Malta (1938)

{short description of image}

HMS COSSACK (LO3) Dressed Overall

{short description of image}

Little Pluto

{short description of image}

Pluto in lifebelt

{short description of image} {short description of image}

NL. 2/2002 and other 11th Reunion photos
{short description of image}

Marchpast along Eastbourne seafront with Parade Marshal Alan Quartermaine

{short description of image}

Inspection by Admiral Sir James Eberle

{short description of image}

Parade awaiting dispersal

{short description of image}

The Left arm of the law! Shepherding Parade and spectators across the road.

{short description of image}

Dinner guests enjoying the speeches

{short description of image}

Annual General Meeting. L to R, Peter Harrison, George Toomey, Alan Edinborough with Brian Hibbert Standard bearing.

{short description of image}

Slops (Assn. items for sale). The hard working team of Les and Jean Taylor

{short description of image}

LO3 Model with the Presidential Sword in the foreground

{short description of image} {short description of image}


*Click on the small picture to see the large one*

{short description of image}

LO3 Veterans

AB Vic Hiscock; Sto 1st Cl. Gary Lock; S/Lt Peter Day; O/Sig Ron Maynard RNVR

(1941 Ranks & Ratings)

{short description of image}

LO3 Veterans

AB Sid Remnant; AB Ken Robinson; O/Sig Reg Doring; AB Ron Poole; AB Eddy Dove

(1941 Ranks & Ratings)

{short description of image}

Reunion Dinner - Hosts & Guests

Pat & George Toomey; Captain Spencer Drummond; Margaret & Lieutenant Peter Harrison; The Mayor & Mayoress of Eastbourne; Sid Remnant

{short description of image}

Reunion Dinner -Principal Guests

Finn & Cecilie Nesvold; The Worshipful Mayor of Eastbourne, Councillor Michael Tunwell and the Mayoress

{short description of image}

Saluting Base Party

Ron Maynard; Lieut-Commander Paddy Donovan; The Mayor; PC Dimmock; Sid Remnant; Geoff Lilley;Alf Price; Morten Hansen

{short description of image}

Saluting Base Close-up

Lt-Cdr Paddy Donovan; Ron Maynard; The Mayor; PC Dimmock; Alf Price; Sid Remnant

{short description of image}

HMS Cossack & 8th DF Standards

George Toomey; Brian Hibberd; Cyril Allwood

{short description of image}

The Standards on Parade

{short description of image}

The Parade

Eastbourne esplanade

{short description of image}

HMS Cossack Association on Parade

{short description of image}

Rear of HMS Cossack platoon followed by Eastbourne Sea Cadet Corps

{short description of image}

Eastbourne Pipe Band Drummers

{short description of image}

Eastbourne Pipe Band Pipers

{short description of image}

Association members leaving the Church after the Sunday Service

{short description of image}

Fire Alarm! Hotel cleared!

{short description of image}

Waiting for the All Clear - or queuing for Dinner?

NEWSLETTER 3/2001 Photos - (those not shown in the Gallery)
*Click on small picture to see larger one*
{short description of image}

The Association's tribute to the late John Butler (see obituary)
{short description of image}

Alan Edinborough with Morten Hansen and Olav Rothli
{short description of image}

Alan Edinborough with Olav Rothli
{short description of image}

Our Norwegian friends (from left to right) Finn and Cecilie Nesvold from Sokndal and morten Hansen from Kabelvaag in the Lofoten Islands
{short description of image}

Battle of the Bismarck veterans assembled on the steps of the Imperial War Museum
{short description of image}

George Toomey presents his HMS HOOD napkin ring to the director of the I.W.M.
{short description of image}

The Duchess of Kent touring the Arboretum

{short description of image}

The new chapel at the Arboretum

{short description of image}

Charlie Scott's 90th Birthday Cake

{short description of image}

The headstone in Leith for the men lost in LO3's collision with SS Borthwick
{short description of image}

L to R John Pattinson, holding Brian Lambie, BL's Grandmother, Jack Allen, BL's Mother, Ralph Forbes - holding BL's shy sister

{short description of image}

Sid Remnant, Cecilie Nesvold and past President Paddy Donovan

{short description of image}

The Cenotaph in Whitehall, London
{short description of image}

The base of the Cenotaph after the wreath laying
{short description of image}

HMS COSSACK marching past, represented by (L to R in centre) Pat Gaffney, Bob Davenport, Les Taylor, Alan Edinborough, Brian Lambie and Peter Marchant

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