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Our Archivist, Keith Batchelor, has been beavering away and has now produced a list of the names of the merchant seaman who were rescued from the German prison ship ALTMARK on 16th February 1940. This will be put on line shortly.


Over the last few years many requests have been received for information about someone's father or grandfather who was thought to have served in either Cossack (L03) or Cossack (D57). Where we had information, we passed it on. However, the information we had was, and still is, very limited. Our association has no access to MOD records, although a while ago our Archivist, Keith Batchelor, was allowed to work through some of the Victualling records of L03 to try to glean the names of those aboard.

For the uninitiated, HM ships ran a system called "Victualling and Checking" in order that the Supply Officer could claim the appropriate allowance of food, etc for those aboard. A man joining the ship would be "victaulled in" and when he left he would be "checked out". The Victualling and Check Lists were also used to pass this information to Pay Offices.

Enough of the history though ! Supplemented by information received from those who joined the association and from relatives, we now have a reasonable, but not definitive, lists of those who served in the ships. We have therefore decided to make these available on line. To access, click on the button marked SHIPS CO. on the left side of this page.


In March and April of 2010 the magazine produced an article in two parts about the Altmark Incident. We have been privileged to receive copies of these and permission to promulgate them in our newsletter and here on the web site. These are in the .pdf format and can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Altmark Incident - Part 1: ALTMARK - Part 1

Altmark Incident - Part 2: ALTMARK - Part 2

Following on, in June and July of 2011 the magazine produced another article, in which Cossack features, about the BISMARCK action. Again in two parts, these can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Bismarck Action - Part 1: BISMARCK - Part 1

Bismarck Action - Part 2: BISMARCK - Part 2

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